Our mission

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The Funn starts

We’ve been in business since 1997 and have spent the last 20 years helping riders to have more fun on their bikes. Whether you’re a world class racer or a weekend warrior, it’s our mission to give you the very best components at the very best prices.

The root of it all

Our roots are in racing. In the early days, we were founded on a passion for World Cup results, best-of-the-best elite racers and shaving nano-seconds off the clock.

Remember Sam Hill on an Iron Horse? Yep, he was on Funn components. How about Brendan Fairclough on that Honda? Yep, also on Funn. Same with Greg Minnaar and hundreds of other greatest-of-all-time heroes of our sport. 

Those early days helped bring our brand to life and taught us how to make components that could withstand the fastest riders on the planet.

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It’s all about having fun

Whilst our roots are in racing, these days we’re a little more down to earth. Our mission is to help grassroots, real-world riders to have more fun on the trails.

We create cutting-edge components that can withstand elite racer abuse but at a price everyday riders can afford. We make tough, lightweight, comfortable and good looking products that you’ll trust, giving you the confidence to go faster, further and harder.


We're still racing

Meet our 2023 team of extraordinary riders, poised to dominate the competitive circuit. Matthew Fairbrothers and Brittany Falconer lead the charge in Enduro Racing, while Eliot Lees, McKenna Meerten, and Capella Martin bring their prowess to Downhill. In Slopestyle, prepare to be amazed by Elof Lind, Olivier Cuvet, and Jakub Vencl as they redefine style and push the limits of technicality. Get ready for an exhilarating season of unparalleled skill and unforgettable performances.

Our full roster of athletes is right here.

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Funn rider soars through forest trail in an impressive leap

20 years in the making

We try and have fun in everything we do, but the one thing we take super seriously is our products.

We’ve evolved our products using 20 years of experience and the feedback of our elite athletes, sponsored racers and our customers. We use cutting-edge design techniques and technologies and work with some of the world’s best manufacturing facilities.

The end result is a rider having fun on a trail. The process is 20 years in the making.