Onetrackmind Reviews the Funndamental Pedal

Another day, another pedal review! This time, it’s OneTrackMind’s review of the Funndamental pedal.

The latest review comes from UK-based mag, OneTrackMind who recently featured our great-value, great performance mountain bike flat pedal. The Funndamental pedal is designed to do a killer job without costing the earth. It has a roomy platform, 11 replaceable pedals, our GRS port for easy-maintenance and it can be easily serviced with plenty of spares available through our website.

The guys at Onetrackmind test the pedals on their Transition Throttle 27.5, choosing a hardtail to give a proper and in-depth test of the pedal’s grip. They praised the look of the pedals (they do look great, right?) and how quickly they felt ‘just right’ on the trails. Their test-pilot said “Riding with these pedals is great. I instantly felt at home on them and never felt like I needed to adjust my foot position as I have done with other pedals” and that “My feet always feel comfortable and I still have that ability to move my foot around on the pedal to really throw the bike around”.

You can read the full Funn Funndamental flat pedal review here on Onetrackmind.