MBR Award the Crossfire Stem a Near Perfect Review

MBR mountain bike magazine reviewed the Funn Crossfire stem a little while back and gave it an almost perfect score.

The Crossfire stem is designed for big, rowdy riding. It’s perfect for anything from enduro to XC with it’s great mix of strength, weight and massive range of size options. It was built in collaboration with our elite enduro racers and is forged from AL6061 and CNC’d.

MBR’s review praises the Crossfire stem, saying that “as stems designed to withstand burly abuse go, the Crossfire could almost be described as elegant in its design and execution” and high-fives our design, which maximises the clamping area and does away with the ‘gap’ to make sure you always tighten everything the right amount. They’re also impressed with the weight, which they describe as “really competitive”.

Whilst we didn’t quite get the perfect score, MBR awarded the Funn Crossfire stem a very good 9/10 saying that “the Crossfire is hard to beat”.

You can read the full Funn Crossfire review here on MBR’s website.