Funnbassador Olivier Cuvet & Friends Road Trip Through the Desert in ‘Once Upon A Time In Utah’

What was your first real dream as a mountain biker? Owning a specific bike? Landing a specific trick? For us, freeriders and outdoor enthusiasts, Utah has always been in our heart. Logistic, opportunities, budget, carbon footprint were all fences for us to make this dream come true.

A person standing on top of a mountain with a bike.

October 2023, everything aligned for Olivier, Arthur, Adrien and Leo to rent a RV and road trip around the most famous freeriding spots in Utah. Showing up right after Rampage made it chill and quiet, discovering the spots, most of the time on their own.

A person doing a trick on a mountain bike.

Figuring out the timing, the terrain, guinea pigging every feature alone, one after another, has been a learning process. Somehow, everything went smooth and boys had the time of their life.