Off-Road.CC Reviews the Funndamental Pedal

UK-based just reviewed the Funn Funndamental pedal and we wanted to share the good news.

First up, do you know what the Funn Funndamental pedal is? It’s our killer-value, killer-performance flat mountain bike pedal that’s designed to offer the best possible platform for the best possible price. It has a tough and lightweight alloy body, 11 two-way removable pins, a cartridge bearing and DU bush and our excellent GRS system for easy-servicing. gave the Funndamental a decent hammering over Spring and Summer and awarded the pedal a solid 4/5, praising the build quality, grippy platform and GRS system.

They also spotted what we were aiming for with the Funndamental, simplicity. We wanted a fit-and-forget pedal that won’t cause you any drama. Off-Road praised said that they “give you just what you need, but no more. They’re simple, tough and (potentially) easy to maintain, while the price is good for what they offer.”

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