Bike Rumor’s In-Depth Review of Funn Python Mark 2

a pair of red python pedals on a table

We were excited to send a pair of the highly anticipated New Python Pedals MK2 to Steve Fisher  from After thorough testing and evaluation, Steve shares his expert insights and feedback on these exceptional pedals. Let’s dive into what he has to say about the performance, features, and overall experience with the New Python Pedals MK2.

“As soon as I started riding the Pythons, I was impressed with how supportive the pedal bodies felt. These pedals don’t look huge, yet no matter where I put weight on my foot it always felt like there was plenty of pedal underneath. I think FUNN hit on a great shape that reaches out to all corners while still looking sleek.”

To read the complete review, click this link for Steve Fisher’s comprehensive take on the New Python Pedals MK2.

Red Python Pedals on Board Test Bike